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Patricia’s Baby Shower

One of my closest friends had her baby shower last week.  She is 6 1/2 months pregnant and is expecting her baby daugeter, Donovan Danger Sweeney on February 1, 2012.  Good numbers and only a day before my birthday. Anyway, Sarah, a wonderful friend as well, threw Patricia a beautiful bridal shower, that had wonderful food, art stations to paint…

Christmas with the Cassavettes

Gina and Sasha are some of the best neighbors one could ask for.  We are more like a family than ships passing in the night.  So, when they decorated their tree, I thought I should photograph the process.  You guys are funky and awesome!

Lisa and Alexandra Morgan Lim

Here are two of my favorite subjects, my cute little niece and my lovely sister.  I love capturing little children first thing in the morning and hopefully that is conveyed in these photos.

Stephanie and Luke’s Engagement Pics

I recently photographed Stephanie and Luke’s Engagement Portraits pretty much everywhere in West LA.  We started our session on the canals in Venice Beach, then went to the Santa Monica Pier where they went on the Ferris Wheel and  ended our day with a beautiful sunset on the beach.  The two were so friendly and warm that it made working…

Family Portraits

I photographed Melissa, husband and her beautiful daughter Brooklyn in Agoura Hills the other day.  I have to say, her baby is SO cute.  I’ve been very fortunate to have all these cute kids around me.  We started our photo shoot by walking around their house looking for beautiful trees and scenery.  Then we finished off at their newly renovated…

Daryan’s 1st Birthday Party

It was a busy weekend for Ladan and her family.  Friday night she celebrated her 30th birthday at Sur Restaurant, then Sunday, her nephew celebrated his first birthday… so thanks for all the jobs! Daryan is like a little man stuck inside a one year old’s body.  He is the cutest little thing and I was so happy to celebrate…

Rozanna’s Red Carpet Bridal Shower!

Samira, whom I’ve met a few weeks ago, and have since shot three events for her, is an amazing party planner.  She organized two wonderful events in one weekend!  Her first bash was last Friday night for  her good friend Ladan’s 30th party at Sur Restaurant.  The celebration was amazing and Samira even got pretty creative with a black back drop…

Jared and Rachel’s Engagement Shoot

I had such a blast photographing Jared and Rachel for their Engagement Portraits.  They both had cute personalities and were able to relax in front of the camera.  I’m pretty excited how the photos turned out… the weather was a little off at some points, but overall, it made for a supersaturated rainy sky:)  

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