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Stephanie Mike and Madison

I love photographing newborn babies and their new parents. Here are some photos of Stephanie Mike and Madison.  This shoot was especially special since I’ve known Stephanie for about seven years and just recently photographed her wedding two years ago.

Autry Center Las Posadas

Iphotographed the Las Posasdas ceremony at the Autry Center last week. Las Posadas is a tradition in Mexico where people go from door to door and sing and dance.  Please enjoy the photos.

The Long Neck Tribe

After an hour long elephant ride through the jungles of Chaing Mai, I landed upon the Long Neck Tribe village.  The women of the Long Neck Tribe come from different regions of South East Asia.  Supposedly, these women wear these heavy bands around their neck to protect them from the wild.  Originally, tigers used to prey on these women’s necks,…


My friend Fernando got me this wonderful job photographing the Aculief product for their website. Aculief is a little plastic device that you put between your thumb and forefinger to help relieve stress and symptoms of migraines.  This is known in acupressure as the  LI 4 Acupressure Point.  If you’d like to see the wonderful video that was put together by poeticafilms, please feel free…

The Broot Hair Treatment Bar

The Broot Hair Treatment Bar is world’s first all-natural hair mask bar.  It was started by Samira who also owns a few high-end nail salons called Bellacures.  If you are in the Santa Monica area, pamper yourself at the Broot Bar, I think you will really enjoy it. The Broot Hair Treatment Bar is world’s first all-natural hair mask bar.  It was…

La Sala Series at the Autry Centry

The Autry Center in Los Angeles is a beautiful museum home to the Western art and culture.  They have started a new series called “La Sala Series” and they bring various speakers in to speak about relevant topics in art, current events and history.

Santa Claus at the Children’s Bureau

Santa and Mrs. Clause, arrived via motor brigade to the Children’s Bureau in downtown la.  It was quite a scene, there were about 15 motorcycles, secret service, helicopters, cops on horses yet no reindeer or sleigh.  This is modern Santa and he travels like the president!  Once Santa arrived, he sat down and handed each child a present, which was…