Scott and Kimberly’s Wedding

Scott and Kimberly got married at Wayfarer’s Chapel in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.  Unbelievably, they had dated for 20 years before they finally decided to tie the knot!  So congrats guys!  I love hearing unique stories.  The ceremony was very small with only a few family members.  I just love the couple portraits we took afterwards with the beautiful trees….


My cousin Alex studied a semester abroad in Bangkok, Thailand.  So there was little convincing me in going to visit him.  Bangkok is a megacity with more than 9 million people all toppled on top of one another.  It was interesting because for the first time I truly felt like a tourist and felt like I wasn’t able to capture…

Angie + Lizandro’s Wedding

I met Angie and Lizandro through my neighbor Chico about a year ago.  Angie, Lizandro and I have met a few times before their wedding and we really clicked.  They are both from  different regions ofMexico and wanted to incorporate their tradition that into their wedding.  Angie and Lizandro had a beautiful ceremony at the Church of St. Mark in…

The Colors of Cabo

I was just walking along the streets of San Jose del Cabo and stumbled upon Mi Casa restaurant and was transfixed by all its beautiful colors.  So, most of the pictures are from inside the restaurant, others are from the surrounding areas.  Hope you enjoy a splash of color on this cold, winter morning.

Stephanie Mike and Madison

I love photographing newborn babies and their new parents. Here are some photos of Stephanie Mike and Madison.  This shoot was especially special since I’ve known Stephanie for about seven years and just recently photographed her wedding two years ago.

Autry Center Las Posadas

Iphotographed the Las Posasdas ceremony at the Autry Center last week. Las Posadas is a tradition in Mexico where people go from door to door and sing and dance.  Please enjoy the photos.

The Long Neck Tribe

After an hour long elephant ride through the jungles of Chaing Mai, I landed upon the Long Neck Tribe village.  The women of the Long Neck Tribe come from different regions of South East Asia.  Supposedly, these women wear these heavy bands around their neck to protect them from the wild.  Originally, tigers used to prey on these women’s necks,…